…one journey ends. Another begins…

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post, for several reasons. For one, I hadn’t renewed my subscription on Svbtle (this awesome blogging platform). This was one of the main reasons I went for a paid blogging platform over using Medium - to encourage me to write more knowing that I was paying for it. Secondly, and more importantly, the last three months have been, perhaps, the most interesting times in my entire life. There has been learning, changes, growth and oh so many challenges.

The highlight of this period has been that I left my job as Sr. Technical Trainer at Andela three months ago, in July ???. I was extremely stressed out and became less effective than usual. Startups do have a way of draining all the energy you have.
Things were changing and moving extremely fast. I wasn’t actually fazed by all of that because I was determined to make a meaningful effort into helping the company succeed and I was also very passionate and aligned with the mission of the company. But, there was a problem.

The issue came up with a couple of realizations - I was growing very fast in my function in the organization and I had less time to do what I really loved. Yes! You saw right. Growing fast was a problem for me and this was because I had veered into an industry that was gradually straying away from what I believed I should have been doing at that time. I was becoming a trainer, a pretty good one, and I panicked! Was this in line with my long term goals? Was this what I would love to become a “master” at? What was the end goal for me? What did growth look like for me? What would I be doing in the next 1, 2 years? How did this enable me to achieve my long-term objectives? I didn’t have the answers and that was a problem for me. Secondly, I discovered that there was a HUGE difference between practicing engineering and teaching engineering. Being an engineer at heart, tinkering was not the order of the day anymore. Everything was becoming rote, repetitive and I didn’t feel the craziness anymore. The zing was mostly gone, the fire was dying out and I had lost the desire to work and that’s bad.

All this is not to say that I didn’t enjoy my job, oh I did (you should see the look on my face right now).

P.S - Who knows. Chances are that this ? might all be b*sh*t and I might end up deciding to go back into teaching ??.

There’s probably no tech company in the entire country that exposes you to being professional and excellent as much as Andela does. There’s also no company with the spirit, the love and wonderful culture at Andela. My job was fantastic and my time at Andela was blissful and I wouldn’t trade those years for anything. I guess, at some point in one’s life, you are just looking for something else. It’s important to be able to sense those moments and act accordingly. The results are usually fantastic.

And so I left this awesome company to go self-discover and explore. I was contemplating between going into core development, and probably growing to become a senior architect, or going into product management, where I will be able to work with clients/companies to build products that they love and that solve their business/life problems. Both, sound great and indeed are very viable for me being that I am [still] adamant about being undecided on which route to go :).

So far so good anyway, I have been able to go deeper into both and my understanding has increased dramatically about both and about life in general. Like I said, I am still undecided on which route to go or whether I will even choose a path at all or whether I will stray far away from all of this to become a wanderer and go wherever the wind leads… but… what I can say is there has been growth. You will learn a lot about some of this growth and changes in the coming months as I write more and more about them.

Finally, and in conclusion, I know for sure that there is one knowledge. Seek one, seek all. Perfect your craft, whatever you choose. It’s your sacrifice to the world and indeed to whatever supernatural being it is that controls things from way up there. Learn to love deeply, no matter what, as it is unto God.

lol… I’m sure you’re wondering where all of that came from

Till my next post, keep on going, keep on growing.


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