REST-Pi: Python IOT library for Software Developer

RESTPi is going to be a Raspberry Pi platform for developers to quickly bootstrap IOT applications that would benefit from remote information transfer via REST-based APIs. I have tried my hands on a couple of IOT technology and I discover that the required architecture for most of my ideas frequently had to do with Building remote clients and connected device servers. The remote clients can easily communicate 2-ways with the device via API calls.

There are a number of things to be baked in the library including easy access to the device board components including Ethernet, USB and Storage. The GPIO channel access is the major interface as the library would appeal to teams with both Software Engineers and Hardware engineers.

Looking at all of this, you might have already realized that extreme security would have to be applied to the initial design of the system to prevent simple attacks to the devices. To secure an investment in the product and/or interest by the general community, a prototype and adequate information to show that the product is indeed required and that there is feasible deployment for the devices would be needed.

The IOT industry is budding all over the world and no one is stepping forward. This would be a first attempt of someone doing something. Maybe I will be inspiring someone out there to do the same.

You can see progress with the project here on Github. Feel free to contribute as you feel necessary.

Feeling Inspired!


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